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You rock your look every day of the week. But sometimes you want to look a little extra special for an occasion or event. Whether you're walking the red carpet or planning your wedding, you can rely on DCM Beauty & Skin for professional makeup services.

We use top-of-the-line makeup products and airbrush techniques to apply a full face of makeup. You can choose any style to create the look you want and trust our experienced makeup artists to make you look fabulous.

Arrange for professional makeup services in Redondo Beach, CA by contacting us today. Come see why we get clients from Manhattan Beach and all of the surrounding areas.

Why you should choose us

DCM Beauty & Skin isn't the only place to get makeup products and services. But we are the most dedicated to exceptional service and will go the distance to give you the exact look you want. Let us do your makeup because we can...

  • Travel to your location if you're on a strict schedule
  • Use keratin mascara to strengthen your lashes and brows
  • Perform a professional lash lift and eyebrow lamination during your appointment

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