Elevate Your Lashes

Consider a professional lash lift or microblading service in Redondo Beach, CA

You love having long, thick beautiful lashes. But curling your lashes every day is a pain. Keep your luscious lashes for weeks with a lash lift from DCM Beauty & Skin. Depending on how well you take care of your lashes, a lift can last up to four months, giving you the eye-fluttering look you love without all the extra work.

Tired of applying mascara, too? You can combine a lash lift with eyelash tinting to create your ideal look. Schedule a lash lift and lash tint in Redondo Beach, near Manhattan Beach, CA by calling us today.

Keratin Lash Lift $100.00
Keratin and Lash Lift $125.00
Botox Lash Lift $115.00
Botox Lash Lift and Tint $140.00

Keratin Brow Lamination $90.00
Keratin Brow Lamination and Tint $115.00

No rubbing of lashes or brows, be gentle.
Do not wet lashes or brows for 24 hours.
Avoid heat
No makeup for 24 hours.

We do more than just lashes

So, you have the lovely lashes you want. Why not enjoy eyebrows you love, too? You can take advantage of our eyebrow microblading service to perfect your look. The process is simple:

  • We'll use a specialized instrument to add pigment to your skin
  • Pigment will be deposited in delicate strokes, creating the natural, realistic look of hair
  • You'll enjoy full, shapely brows that last for years

Learn more about our eyebrow microblading service when you call 310-409-9437.

Microblading $500.00
Microblading and OmbreShading $800.00

How to prepare for treatment
Absolutely no alcohol, blood thinning medications, pain relievers or botox until after microblading. Blood thinning agents will cause you to bleed heavier, causing poor pigment retention.

Avoid sweating and makeup on brows for a week
Avoid getting brows wet for up to 10 days